Tuesday, January 8, 2019 Episode 4: Estonian politics, Eesti 200 and the Russian minority

This episode looks at Estonian politics as well as gives an idea about the situation related to the Russian minority in the Baltic States with a parti...

Thursday, December 6, 2018 Episode 3: Ukraine on the defence, Moldova on the cusp & Transnistrian identity

In this episode hosts Maciek Makulski and Adam Reichardt look at some current developments in the region. Maksym Khylko, chairman of the board at the ...

Monday, November 19, 2018 Episode 2: 1918. The year of independence

In this episode, co-hosts Maciek Makulski and Adam Reichardt discuss the newest issue of New Eastern Europe which has the theme of 1918 and memory of ...

Wednesday, November 7, 2018 Episode 1: Latvia - Interview with Inga Žolude

In the first episode of Talk Eastern Europe, co-hosts Adam Reichardt and Maciek Makulski open the podcast with a discussion on current issues in the B...

About The Show

Talk Eastern Europe is the official podcast of the New Eastern Europe magazine, providing insightful analysis, thoughtful commentary and engaging interviews on the latest news and developments affecting the region of Central and Eastern Europe. The podcast is hosted by Adam Reichardt, NEE’s editor in chief, and Agnieszka Widłaszewska, an expert on politics in Eastern Europe and Russia. Each episode delves into the complexities of the region, from the war in Ukraine, the rise of populism, the challenges of European integration and the latest events that represent the constant changes taking place in Central and Eastern Europe. Join us each week for a deep dive into the most pressing topics facing Eastern Europe today. Subscribe to stay informed and engaged with the latest developments in the region. 

Meet the co-hosts

Adam Reichardt is the editor in chief of New Eastern Europe and co-host of the Talk Eastern Europe podcast. Originally from the United States, Adam has settled in Poland since 2009. You can follow him on Twitter here.

Agnieszka Widłaszewska is a political scientist passionate about European security and EU external action, in particular vis-à-vis the Eastern Partnership countries and Russia. You can follow her on Twitter here.

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