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In December 2020, Maia Sandu became the new president of Moldova. Her main focus so far has been a strong foreign policy, meeting with neighbours and western partners. Domestically, the political situation gives the impression of looming chaos. Her main aim is to force new parliamentary elections, while her opponents plan to stop her at any cost.

In this episode, Adam and Maciek catch up with Oktawian Milewski, a political scientist specialising in Central and Eastern Europe. They discuss an early assessment of President Sandu’s foreign policy successes as well as the ongoing turbulent political situation in the country.

“Challenging the status quo in Moldova. What now after Maia Sandu’s victory?” By: Oktawian Milewski. 1 December 2020. New Eastern Europe https://neweasterneurope.eu/2020/12/01/challenging-the-status-quo-in-moldova-what-now-after-maia-sandus-victory/

“Integrity and identity – the dilemmas of Maia Sandu” By: Piotr Oleksy. 9 February 2021 New Eastern Europe: https://neweasterneurope.eu/2021/02/09/integrity-and-identity-the-dilemmas-of-maia-sandu/

“2020’s electoral lessons: Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine” By: Denis Cenusa. New Eastern Europe issue 1-2/2021: https://neweasterneurope.eu/2021/02/03/2020s-electoral-lessons-moldova-georgia-and-ukraine/

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