In this episode, Adam and Nina discuss the deterioration of relations between Czechia and Slovakia, the celebration of 25 years of NATO membership in Czechia, Hungary and Poland and the ongoing media crackdown in Azerbaijan. They continue to analyse the split in the Visegrád Group as Hungary's Viktor Orbán's met with Donald Trump while Poland's president and prime visited US President Joe Biden.

For the main interview, Alexandra and Nina sat down with Eugene Chausovsky, the Senior Director for Analytical Development and Training at the New Lines Institute to get his insights on the upcoming Russian presidential elections. Eugene dives into Russian domestic politics but also looks at the election from a broader geopolitical perspective.  This is the first of several collaborations that we will be conducting with analysts from the New Lines Institute.

The New Lines Institute is based in Washington, DC and focuses on the intersection of US foreign policy and global geopolitics. 

Check out the New Lines Institute website and listen to their podcast: Contours.   

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