It has been now over nine months since the Russian unprovoked invasion of Ukraine and Talk Eastern Europe is continuing its special coverage with additional content and conversations on the situation with the war.

Since October, the Russian strategy has shifted, by putting more pressure on the Ukrainian civilian population by targeting critical infrastructure such as electricity, water and heating. As the winter months are now starting more pressure will be put on the Ukrainian population as a result of this strategy. Meanwhile, on the battlefield, the Ukrainian forces continue to slowly advance and retake the land from the invaders and defend against any further Russian advance.

In this special episode dedicated to the war in Ukraine, Adam sits down with Anton Naychuk – a Ukrainian expert and director of the Civil Diplomacy Fund. They discuss the current situation in Ukraine, Ukraine’s military strategy, the Russian strategy, and pressure from the West to reach some sort of compromise. A bonus question on the role of Belarus concludes the conversation and is available for our patrons.

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