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This episode features a discussion with Andrzej Sadecki, a senior fellow at the Centre for Eastern Studies in Warsaw. Together with Andrzej, we summarize the parliamentary election in Hungary which took place on April 3rd and coincided with a nationwide referendum. Andrzej provides his assessment of why the ruling party of Fidesz won the election big time and gained the supermajority in the Hungarian Parliament although pre-election polls and experts’ predictions suggested such a scenario was unlikely. Andrzej and Maciek also discuss possible prospects for the country under the fifth in a row term of Victor Orban as the prime of the country.

See also: "Miscalibrated ambitions, or the shock of repetition" by: Ferenc Laczó. New Eastern Europe, 5 April 2022: https://neweasterneurope.eu/2022/04/05/miscalibrated-ambitions-or-the-shock-of-repetition/

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