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This episode, recorded February 28th, is a summary of what has been happening in Ukraine since February 24th, the beginning of Russia's cruel military invasion of this country. Our thoughts are with the Ukrainians who are heroically defending their country's independence and freedom. We discuss not only the events in Ukraine itself, but also what is happening on the eastern border of Poland, which has already received several hundred thousand war refugees. The co-hosts discuss their reflections on these developments and Adam shares some of his experience at the Polish-Ukrainian border, where thousands of Ukrainians are arriving in their escape from the war.

This episode is also a historic episode for Talk Eastern Europe, because for the first time Adam and Maciek are joined by the third co-host – Agnieszka Widłaszewska.

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Photo-report from the Polish border, where it is all hands on deck: https://neweasterneurope.eu/2022/02/28/photo-report-from-the-polish-border-where-it-is-all-hands-on-deck/

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