This episode of Talk Eastern Europe takes a closer look at the current developments in the Western Balkans, including the North Macedonian name agreement, the Kosovo-Serbia border swap negotiations and recent protests in Serbia and Montenegro. All of these developments have the possibility of making headway against the current status quo in the Western Balkans and bring these countries closer to the European Union.
The episode features an interview with Valerie Hopkins, a journalist with the Financial Times covering the Western Balkans. You can follow her on Twitter here: @VALERIEin140
“What could a Serbia-Kosovo border swap achieve?” By Florian Bieber, New Eastern Europe issue 2/2019:
“Macedonia is turning the page”. Exclusive interview with Zoran Zaev, the prime minister of the Republic of Macedonia. New Eastern Europe Issue 2/2108:
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Opening theme: “Sum of My Fears” by Dazie Mae:
“Going In Circles” by Lee Rosevere,

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