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In this special episode of Talk Eastern Europe, Adam and Maciek have a conversation with Maria Kobielska, a memory scholar and assistant professor at the Department of Anthropology of Literature and Cultural Research at the Jagiellonian Univeristy in Kraków Poland. She is also the co-founder of the Research Center for Memory Cultures at the University.

This episode is being produced within the framework of the project titled “Contested Histories Onsite”, a project which aims to place Europeans in discussions and debates on multiple historical perspectives and to activate citizens in public involvement of memory-constructions. As part of the EU’s Europe for Citizens programme, the project’s aspiration is rooted in a shared conviction that raising critical questions about the past is fundamental for citizens to develop a critical attitude towards the narratives that are competing with each other in contemporary politics.

For more information on the project visit:
-Contested Histories Onsite: https://contestedhistories.org/onsite/
-Memory Studies Association: https://www.memorystudiesassociation.org/contested-histories-onsite/
-EuroClio: https://www.euroclio.eu/project/contested-histories/

Visit the Warsaw Uprising Museum Online: https://www.1944.pl/en/article/the-warsaw-rising-museum,4516.html

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