War and conflict in Eastern Europe is often discussed and analysed in the context of big politics and national interests. However, what is often forgotten are the everyday victims of the conflict – those who live in the conflict zone or are refugees affected by war.

In this episode Maciek and Adam sit down with Helena Krajewska from the Polish Humanitarian Action (Polska Akcja Humanitarna). Helena gives an overview of the activities her organisation is doing in providing humanitarian assistance to eastern Ukraine. She describes the challenges and successes that have taken place there since 2014 and how they are now addressing locals’ needs in the midst of war and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Polish Humanitarian Action conducts its work in eastern Ukraine (and around the world) in part thanks to support from individual donations.

Learn how you can support the organisation’s mission and activities. Click here: https://www.pah.org.pl/en/donate/

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