This is the second part of the special series dedicated to the POSTWEST transcultural festival. In this episode, Adam catches up with Maija Pavlova a producer with the Gertrudes Ielas Teatris (the Gertrude Street Theatre) based in Riga. They discuss the challenges of the pandemic for performance artists and how non-profit cultural institutions managed in the situation. They also discussed the theatre’s involvement in the POSTWEST festival and the performance they will do in a virtual format.

The Gertrude Street Theatre will perform a piece called “Tanya’s Birthday” which is meant to take place in 1989. It explores the marks left by these historical events and analyzes the interconnections between them from artists’ perspectives as witnesses of their time. The performance is set in and takes place like a virtual birthday party. The spectators assume the roles of friends and family.

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- POSTWEST \\ guess where - Transcultural festival: 24.–26.06.20

- Gertrudes ielas teatris

June 21 2020 at 19.00 CET - Join us for a live discussion ahead of the festival. We will be streaming on Facebook and YouTube.

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