Adam and Maciek open the episode with a discussion on how the coronavirus situation is developing in the Eastern Partnership countries. They also highlight one small bit of good news in recent days, despite all the bad news that has been dominating the headlines.

The episode then focuses on the main topic of the podcast which is the recent shuffling of the cabinet of ministers in Ukraine, which includes a new prime minister and foreign minister. Adam interviews Hennadiy Maksak, head of the Foreign Policy council “Prism”, for his insight on the political changes. They discuss the reasoning behind it, how will it affect relations with the West and what are the latest developments regarding the war in Donbas.

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- Anton Naychuk: “What’s next for Ukraine’s oligarchs?” New Eastern Europe Issue 1-2/2020.

- Mattia Nelle: “A turn to the past: Ukraine’s troubling government reshuffle” European Council on Foreign Relations

- The Foreign Policy Council “Ukrainian Prism”

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