In this episode hosts Maciek Makulski and Adam Reichardt look at some current developments in the region. Maksym Khylko, chairman of the board at the East European Security Research Initiative Foundation and Senior Research Fellow at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, provides his commentary on the situation with the Russian capture of three Ukrainian vessels and the imposition of Martial Law in Ukraine.  Maciek Makulski looks at the newest book on Transnistrian identity by Piotr Oleksty – a Polish expert. Adam Reichardt then interviews Oleksy, about the current political developments in Moldova and they discuss his new book.
Read the article “Old Moldova in New Europe” online:
04.23 Commentary by Maksym Khylko on Russian attack on Ukrainian naval vessels in Kerch strait
12.10 – interview with Piotr Oleksy author of “Old Moldova in New Europe” and the recent book Naddniestrze. Terror tożsamości
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