Welcome to Episode 26 of Talk Eastern Europe! This episode features an interview with Marta Ardashelia of Sova.News – a Russian language portal based in Georgia.

Adam and Maciek introduce the episode with a brief roundup of some of the most important developments in the region, including a look at the Normandy Summit in France and recent developments in Belarusian-Russian integration.

Maciek then interviews Marta (17.35) and they discuss the challenge of Russian disinformation in Georgia, the rise of anti-western narratives in Russian-language media and how to combat it with a project like Sova.News.

- Five things to know in order to not freak out over the upcoming Putin-Lukashenka meeting by Yahor Azarkevich (New Eastern Europe): https://neweasterneurope.eu/2019/12/06/five-things-to-know-in-order-to-not-freak-out-over-the-upcoming-putin-lukashenka-meeting/
- Is Zelenskyy’s peace with Russia worth the price of Ukraine’s capitulation? By Taras Kuzio (New Eastern Europe): https://neweasterneurope.eu/2019/12/04/is-zelenskyys-peace-with-russia-worth-the-price-of-ukraines-capitulation/
- Sova.News – a Russian-language portal based in Georgia: https://sova.news/
Marta Ardashelia on Twitter: @Ardashelia (https://twitter.com/ardashelia)

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