How does the situation of extremism look in Georgia and the South Caucasus? How can these countries deal with returning members of ISIS and the challenge of their re-integration? For this and much more, check out the latest episode of Talk Eastern Europe.
In this episode, our co-hosts Adam and Maciek explore the current outlook for Georgia in the realm of security in the wider region of the South Caucasus which also touches the Middle East. They also discuss Georgia’s view of NATO ahead of the high-level NATO meeting in London in December 2019. The episode finishes with Maciek’s interview with Giorgi Goguadze, director at the Georgian Center for Strategy and Development in Tbilisi with a discussion on these issues as well as the situation with violent extremism in the country and region.
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Georgia’s long and uncertain road to NATO membership by Giorgi Goguadze, New Eastern Europe issue 5/2019:
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US base in Georgia – A scarecrow in Russia’s backyard? By Beka Chedia, New Eastern Europe, 4 November 2019:
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This episode is supported by funding from the Polish Embassy in Tbilisi in the framework of the NATO Contact Point Embassy (We thank them for their support!)

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