This episode of Talk Eastern Europe takes a closer look at the current state of Russia-China relations. It features an interview with Marcin Kaczmarski from the University of Glasgow. Adam and Marcin examine how Russia-China relations have developed in the context of geopolitical changes and the wake of the 2014 annexation of Crimea and aggression in Donbas. They discuss such pertinent questions as: What are the aims of this co-operation? Where are the tensions? How do these relations fit in the current US-China trade conflict? And what might be next.

Marcin Kaczmarski is a lecturer in security studies at the University of Glasgow and author of the book Russia-China Relations in the Post-Crisis International Order. Follow him on Twitter: @M_Kaczmarski

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Marcin Kaczmarski: The Moscow-Beijing Relationship: Increasingly Asymmetrical and Resilient - Australian Institute of International Affairs.
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