Talk Eastern Europe celebrates its 20th episode! In this episode Adam and Maciek take a look back at the last 19 episodes and then discuss how Ukraine has unexpectedly found itself in the center of the scandal with US President Donald Trump and how all of a sudden everyone is an expert on Ukraine. Later Adam interviews Andrew Wilson, a professor of Ukrainian studies at UCL in the United Kingdom and an expert with the European Council on Foreign Relations.
In the interview Adam and Andrew first dissect recent developments in Belarus and its opening to the West. They later take on the current situation in Ukraine as Volodymyr Zelenskyy has just passed his 100 days as president. What’s ahead for these key countries of the region? Get Andrew Wilson’s take by listening to the latest Talk Eastern Europe.

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Taras Kuzio: Latest Trump-Ukraine scandal reveals there is plenty of blame to go around, New Eastern Europe:

Volodymyr Dubovyk: Ukraine still needs US, European support and the ongoing scandal must not undermine it, New Eastern Europe:

Andrew Wilson: Zelensky unchained: What Ukraine’s new political order means for its future, European Council on Foreign Relations:

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