This episode opens with Adam and Nina running down the latest news in the region, including the situations in Georgia and Armenia as well as the new mobilization law in Ukraine. Nina also mentions the assassination attempt of Slovakia's Robert Fico - and we have a special longer update via our patreon page here:

Later, Alexandra helps us mark the International Day of Solidarity with Political Prisoners in Belarus, by bringing us several stories from former Belarusian political prisoners and their families. Our guests discuss their experiences while imprisoned, life after release, and what the international community can do to support current and former prisoners. 

Talk Eastern Europe stands in solidarity with Belarusian political prisoners and would like to thank the following guests for appearing in this episode:Check out these links for more information about Belarusian political prisoners and the International Day of Solidarity on May 21. You can support organizations that work with Belarussian political prisoners such as BysolViasnaPolitvyazankaByHelpStrana Dlia Zhizn and many others."

Postcards for political prisoners campaign:
You can write a postcard to political prisoners in Belarus by finding a political prisoner's address on Viasna's website and sending a postcard which refrains from overly political statements. Alternatively, you can also send a digital greeting by filling out this form and sending a message via Solidarity Postcards Atelier. It is expected that the correspondence may be withheld or censured, so you can also post a picture of the postcard on your social media with the tag #FreeNameAndSurname of the prisoner you have written to.

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