In this episode of the podcast, Adam, Alexandra and Nina start by discussing latest developments in the region including intensified Russian air attacks against Ukrainian cities, recent Slovak and Polish election results, protests in Hungary and draft UN resolution recalling the 1995 genocide in Srebrenica. For the main interview, Alexandra sits down with Dr. Hikmet Karcic, a Research Associate at the Institute for the Research of Crimes against Humanity and International Law - University of Sarajevo. They discuss far-right narratives and forces in the Western Balkans, how those relate to the broader European and transatlantic far-right, and how these networks have spread genocide denial in the region and beyond it. 
BONUS QUESTIONS In this patron-only bonus content, Alexandra speaks further with genocide scholar Hikmet, discussing the far right's prospects in the upcoming European elections as well as the implications of Bosnia and Herzegovina officially receiving EU candidate status.

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