In this episode of the podcast, Adam, Nina and Alexandra start by a discussion of some of the latest developments in the region including the Georgia’s pursuit of a new version of the “foreign agent law”; a similar development in Republika Srpska in Bosnia and Herzegovina; Ukraine’s targeting of Russian oil refineries and Romanian and Bulgaria entering the Schengen Zone (at least partially).

For the main interview, Adam sits down with Wicke van den Broek a PhD candidate at Maastricht University carrying out research on EU democracy promotion in Belarus; and Aliaksei Piatrenka, a Belarusian civic activist and junior researcher at the Center for New Ideas. They discuss the latest parliamentary elections in Belarus, the ongoing repressions in the country and how those outside Belarus are still fighting for a democratic country.

Both Wicke and Aliaksei are alumni of the New Eastern Europe Think Tank School. This year’s edition will take place June 1-7 2024 in Lithuania and Poland. Learn more here:

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