In this episode, Adam, Alexandra and Nina begin by discussing last weeks' horrific terrorist attack in Moscow, Russian attacks against energy infrastructure in Ukraine and the Russian missile in Polish airspace. They continue with some potentially hopeful developments such as results of first round of Slovak presidential elections and the European Council decision to open accession negotiations with Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

During the main interview, Nina talks to Dmitry Berezhkov, head of the Indigenous Information Centre of Russia. Dmitry speaks about the immediate impact of the terrorist attack in Moscow on indigenous peoples and more generally about racism, corruption and lack of environmental protection that influence livelihoods of these communities. He concludes explaining what 'decolonization' of Russia means from the indigenous rights perspective. 

In our patron-only bonus content, Dmitry gives insight on how mobilisation for Russia's war in Ukraine impacts on small indigenous communities and their survival.  The bonus content can be found here:  

Check out Dmitry's co-authored piece about what decolonisation means for indigenous peoples of Russia here.  

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