In the latest episode of Talk Eastern Europe, co-hosts Adam and Maciek delve into security-related issues in Central and Eastern Europe, with a particular focus on Poland’s view and its desire to increase American presence in the country.
The episode features Adam’s interview with Ivo Daalder, President of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and former US ambassador to NATO. They discuss issues like American support for NATO, the situation on the NATO’s eastern flank and the current deterrence strategy, hybrid defence, US-Russia relations and the 2020 presidential elections.
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The Chicago Council on Global Affairs:
White House Statement: “Joint Declaration on Defense Cooperation Regarding United States Force Posture in the Republic of Poland”
“NATO at 70 – cheating death, one threat at a time?” New Eastern Europe, 24 April 2019,
This podcast was produced thanks to cooperation with Heinrich Böll Foundation Warsaw Office as part of the 2019 Transatlantic Media Fellowship for journalists. The views contained in the podcast do not necessarily reflect the official position of the Heinrich Böll Foundation.

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