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In this episode Adam and Aga discuss the NATO summit which took place this week in Vilnius, with a particular focus on what its conclusions mean for Ukraine. They also talk about political tensions in Bosnia and Herzegovina as Republika Srpska's Milorad Dodik stands up to High Representative Christian Schmidt. The news section concludes with reports that the Lachin corridor has now been completely blocked also to Red Cross convoys providing humanitarian assistance to Nagorno-Karabakh.

Aga then sits down with Vessela Tcherneva, deputy director of the European Council on Foreign Relations and head of ECFR’s Sofia office, to discuss everything you need to know about the European Political Community - a new pan-continental discussion and cooperation forum. Aga and Vessela talk about how the EPC has developed since its idea was first floated by French President Emmanuel Macron and what are the domains in which the Community can have the biggest added value. They also take stock of the EPC's recent second summit which took place in Moldova and consider predictions for an upcoming summit in Spain. Find out more about our guest at

Vessela's recent publication on the topic can be found at

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