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In this episode Adam and Aga discuss the publication of the latest, rebranded issue of New Eastern Europe, followed by news updates on Russia's missile strikes on Ukraine, a phone call between Presidents Zelenskyy and Xi, and Poland enforcing the recovery of its properties from Russia in Warsaw.

Aga then sits down with a repeat TEE guest, Francis Farrell - a reporter working for The Kyiv Independent in Ukraine. They delve deep into the upcoming Ukrainian counteroffensive and its significance for the future of the war. They also discuss the situation in Bakhmut, the leak of US intelligence on Ukraine and the general mood among the Ukrainian population as the potentially decisive war developments are about to unfold.

There's also a few bonus questions for our patrons, in which Francis talks about his recent dispatch to Avdiivka during an active Russian assault, and shares some personal reflections on his work as a frontline journalist. You can listen to the full episode here:

Find Francis' articles and dispatches on and you can find him on Twitter @francisjfarrell.

He has also appeared on The Kyiv Independent's recently launched new video podcast "This Week in Ukraine":

Find us on Twitter too! @AWidlaszewska and @areichardt

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