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In this episode Adam and Aga discuss the main developments of the past weeks, including Alexander Lukashenka's State of the Nation Address, Xi Jinping's visit to Moscow, the much-awaited equipment deliveries to Ukraine and the arrest of The Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich in Moscow.

We then move on to the main topic of this episode - Estonia. Despite being a small country, both physically and in terms of its categorisation in international relations, Estonia has demonstrated leadership and perseverance when it comes to supporting Ukraine in its fight against the Russian invasion, and it is set to continue with this policy following the recent parliamentary elections in the country.

Aga sat down with Mari-Liis Sulg, a researcher at the Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies at the University of Tartu, to discuss how Estonia's foreign policy has been shaped over the years and what the country can bring onto the international stage. Aga and Mari-Liis also discuss Estonia's relationship with its substantial Russian-speaking minority, the issue of so-called stateless people in Estonia, and the results and possible consequences of the parliamentary elections and ensuing coalition talks.

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