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In this episode of Talk Eastern Europe, Adam and Agnieszka start out with a discussion on the state of Russian influence in the region with a focus on Georgia and Moldova. Later, Agnieszka provides a brief rundown of the recent Estonian elections.

For the main interview, Adam is joined by Grigol Julukhidze - the director of the Foreign Policy Council, a think tank in Tbilisi. He specialises in security studies and propaganda research and is also a lecturer at Ilia State University. Adam and Grigol dissect the recent events surrounding the introduction (and later withdrawal) of the so-called foreign agent law in Georgia and what the consequences are for the country.

During the special bonus section available for patrons, Grigol discussion the current state of Mikheil Saakashvili as well as how Georgia has changed with the influx of Russians escaping mobilisation.

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For further reading

"The European Dream: Georgia’s growing anti-European rhetoric undermines its pro-western aspirations" by Giorgi Beroshvili, New Eastern Europe, 10 March 2023:

“Russian soft power in Georgia: “People’s Power” and the “foreign agent” media law” by Davit Totadze, New Eastern Europe 3 March 2023:

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