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In this episode we look at the current situation in the small but important country of Moldova. Since Russia’s full scale invasion of Ukraine, which began last year, Moldova has often been thought of a country at greater risk of destabilization and conflict. Recent intelligence indicates Russia is seeking ways to disrupt Moldova’s pro-European path and may be funding hybrid-style attacks in the country.

Joining us on the podcast is Anda Bologa is a Fulbright scholar and a PhD candidate at Fordham University. She is an affiliated expert with the Romanian think tank Europuls and a fellow at the Washington-based Centre for European Policy Analysis (CEPA). Anda’s research topics are transatlantic affairs, digital policy, and EU neighborhood policy. Anda discusses the pressure faced by Moldova and what it will take for the country to overcome possible hybrid attacks.

Read more in the latest issue of New Eastern Europe:

“War at the border, protests at home: pressure mounts on Moldova”, by: Will Fleeson, New Eastern Europe, Issue 1-2/2023,
* “Moldova is being forced to adapt to hybrid warfare”, by: Marina Bzovîi, New Eastern Europe, Issue 1-2/2023:

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