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In this week's episode Aga sits down with not one but two guests to discuss the Swedish presidency of the Council of the EU, the future of the Eastern Partnership, and the role civil society has played and can play in the relations between the EU and the EaP, as well as within the EaP itself.

This episode is co-produced with ForumCiv, a Swedish development cooperation organisation uniting around 200 Swedish CSOs and supporting civil society in over 70 countries all over the world. Our guests are Ognjen Radonjic, Hub Manager for Eastern Europe at ForumCiv, and Hugo von Essen, an analyst at the Stockholm Centre for Eastern European Studies.

You can learn more about ForumCiv at https://www.forumciv.org/int.

You can find Hugo's and SCEEUS' research at https://sceeus.se/en/.

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