After a short break, the Talk Eastern Europe podcast is back with a discussion on the current issue of New Eastern Europe which is dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the Eastern Partnership policy of the European Union which includes the countries of Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. Over the past 10 years there have been many successes but also many setbacks in this region and the issue takes a look at what lessons can be learnt and how the EU, especially following the upcoming parliamentary elections.
There is also a short discussion on Central Europe 30 years after 1989 – a year of revolution and change.
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New Eastern Europe issue 3-4/2019: Eastern Partnership turns 10
Persisting towards a Europe without dividing lines by Carl Bildt and Radosław Sikorski:
Resetting the Eastern Partnership by Mariusz Maszkiewicz:
The Eastern Partnership at 10. What is there to celebrate? By James Nixey:
Music featured in the podcast licensed under the Creative Commons license 3.0:
Opening theme: “Sum of My Fears” by Dazie Mae:
“CommonGround” by airtone

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